Precision eControl Trusted to Protect $2B in GMV

May 04, 2023

Precision eControl announces protection of $2 billion of eCommerce revenue

May 4, 2023, Cincinnati, Ohio—Precision eControl is pleased to announce a major milestone of actively protecting $2 billion of eCommerce revenue for leading brands. Since the company’s launch in November 2022, brands have rapidly recognized the value of the Precision platform in maintaining channel control and accelerating ecommerce growth.

Precision eControl is a first-of-its-kind SaaS platform built to quantify sources of revenue disruption, inform enforcement strategies, measure impact on business KPIs, and manage sales and distribution relationships. Anchored by proprietary data, advanced analytics, and a software ecosystem to track enforcement efforts, Precision eControl provides a comprehensive approach to omnichannel brand control.

“Our platform is meeting a clear and growing market need for brand control,” said Precision eControl CEO Blake Burrus. “Brand protection has traditionally been a cost center, but what our experience demonstrated—and helped motivate development of the Precision eControl platform—was that brand control is required to unlock virtually all eCommerce growth initiatives.”

Using proprietary marketplace insights, Precision eControl helps clients mitigate disruption from a variety of illicit activities with proven brand control tactics to protect profitability, reduce channel conflict, and improve marketing effectiveness. “We are thrilled that leading brands trust us to help with this critical part of their eCommerce strategy,” said Burrus, “and we look forward to continuing to expand our solutions to meet the ever-growing needs of the industry.”

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